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Windows 8

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Windows 8 - For you?

I've been using Windows 8 now for about two weeks and trying to take a serious look at what my clients will think about it.

Now, I've been using computers since cassette-tape drives were all the rage. I was one of the first students to bring in a report on dot-matrix printed paper as opposed to the type-written efforts brought in by the other kids. I've always had a technical mind and learning new concept in Information Technology has always come very easy to me. I'm not trying to boast - I'm just trying to give you some context behind this next statement.

It's taken a while to be even mildly comfortable with Windows 8.

In previous versions of windows, Microsoft has take a very evolutionary approach. The progression from 98 to 2000 to XP to ME to Vista to 7, I believe, has been handled VERY well. You can sit an XP expert user in front of Windows 7 and expect that, to a certain degree, they could work their way around the system.

In Windows 8, Microsoft has thrown most of that out the window. It's as stark a difference as the leap from Windows 3.1 was from Windows 98.

At the heart of the Windows 8 interface is the new "Metro" interface which has definite advantages and disadvantages. If you've seen the user interface on a Windows Mobile phone you've seen the Metro interface: a collection of applets and shortcuts arranged in a colorful pattern that can be shifted around and customized to some degree. Users that enjoy customizing a screen where they plan to spend most of their time will enjoy the interface. Also new to this whole idea is access to the brand new Windows Marketplace where you can download and install applications directly your home screen ala the App Store.

But as interesting as the Start Screen may seem at first, there is now no longer a direct connection to the applications you use on a regular basis which must either be searched for (using, admittedly, a very effective search engine) or you must wade through a strangely organized list of "All Apps" that seem to be arranged by function rather than alphabetically.

Of course, Microsoft isn't quite done. Although you can still download and tool around with the final Public Beta there are a couple of reasons you may want to wait until the final product:

1. There is no way to roll back an installation of the preview. Although the upgrade routine is very well done (and I did not lost the functionality of any of my applications or drivers) there is no way for me to roll back to Windows 7 unless I want to wipe the computer and begin again.

2. Microsoft is getting a TON of feedback from people like me who not only understand what WE like to use but also pass along the amount of change our clients "enjoy".

I have done some reading on the features of the upcoming "Professional" versions of 8 but so far haven't seen anything I can touch.

So...Windows 8 for you?

If you're like me - an early adopter that gets a little thrill every time you learn something new - go for it. It's a learning curve but once you understand the "new normal" it does begin to come together.

If you're the opposite of that, stay away until SP2 - the typical entry point for most new Microsoft customers.

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The Latest Trends in Viruses and Malware

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I handle a lot of technical services for a variety of levels. Whether it's a home user who is having issues or a multi-million dollar bakery - I'm the guy. A great deal of what i do, unfortunately, is anti-virus and anti-malware.

Lately, I've seen a lot of the "Windows Anti-Virus" malware and rootkit making the rounds. This is basically a bit of software masquerading as real anti-virus that takes over INternet Explorer and keeps pushing you at a "purchase" page which is just a way to collect your personal and financial information.

The BEST product that I've seen to take care of malicious software like this is called MalwareBytes that is able to very efficiently crush these sorts of viruses. You can download a trial version of MalwareBytes from

And, as always, if you dont feel comfortable performing your own maintenance you can always send us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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Welcome to the new Computer WiseGuy!

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Welcome to our new website and blog! We are still in the process of customization and content creation so stay tuned.

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I.T. Cowboys

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It's interesting to watch the hiring trends in the IT industry. in the past several years, there seems to have been a push for students hitting college to specialize immediately. As the GE's and Dell's of the world continue to outsource their front line support people it seems as if the career path for IT Generalists has dried up or, at least, has to find a different way to happen.

But don't let this difficulty keep you from pursuing your interest in computers and networks! Try everything. Break your operating system and figure out how to fix it. Hack your android phone until it seems like it will never again be able to dial a number and then bring it back from the dead. Those of you that I call "IT Cowboys" will be in great demand for as long as computers are used in the home and small business world.

Pick up the book "From Serf to Surfer" by Matthew Strebe. It's a little dated but his advice is extremely relevant to who you want to be in this industry.


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CWG Staff

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The staff at Computer WiseGuy Technical Services is made up of I.T. Professionals who have become experts in their field. Whether you are looking for Infrastructure Support, Project Management or I.T. Management Consultants, CWG has an expert that can add value to your business.

Tony Aiello - Owner

Tony Aiello has been in the I.T. industry for over 15 years with extensive Infrastructure and Management experience. He started CWG Technical Services after a very successful term as the Director of Information Technology for Arlington Park Racecourse in Arlington Heights, Illinois in 2006.

Since that time he has had the opportunity to work for a variety of clients as an IT Security Consultant, Infrastructure Manager and Enterprise Project Manager.

In his spare time he also provides support for home users as this was the original vision for CWG and is still an important facet of business for Tony.


Laurie Faith Gibson-Aiello - Project Management and Compliance Consultant

Laurie Faith has been working with CWG since it came into being in 2006 and has an impressive array of experience across the entire IT spectrum. Lately her focus has been Enterprise Project Management and IT Compliance but she has excellent experience in Instructional Design and designing Marketing materials for a number of her past clients.

Laurie Faith also serves on a number of city committees  and boards and is currently working to ensure that the Lords Park Zoo in Elgin continues to survive.


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